Phycological Society of America

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Phycological Society of America
Founded 1946 (1946)
Type Professional Society
Origins Phycological Society of America
Key people
President: Juan M. Lopez-Bautista

The Phycological Society of America (PSA) is a professional society, founded in 1946, that is dedicated to the advancement of phycology, the study of algae.[1] The PSA is responsible for the publication of Journal of Phycology and organizes annual conferences among other events that aid in the advancement of related algal sciences.

Membership in the Phycological Society of America is open to anyone from any nation who is concerned with the physiology, taxonomy, molecular biology, experimental biology, cell biology, and developmental biology of related algal sciences. As of 2012, membership was approximately 2,000 from 63 countries.[1]

Awards and Fellowships[edit]

The PSA offers four honorary awards that are announced at the annual conference

  • The Harold C. Bold award, established in 1973, the Bold Award is given for the outstanding graduate student paper(s) presented at the Annual Meeting as determined by the Bold Award Committee.
  • The Gerald W. Prescott award, The Prescott Award is given to recognize scholarly work in English in the form of a published book or monograph devoted to phycology published in the last 2 years.
  • The Luigi Provasoli award, The Luigi Provasoli Award is presented annually to the author(s) of the three, or fewer, outstanding papers published in the Journal of Phycology during the previous fiscal year.
  • The Award of Excellence, This award has been established to recognize phycologists who have demonstrated sustained scholarly contributions in and impact on the field of phycology over their careers. These individuals have also provided service to PSA as well as other phycological societies.

The PSA also offers grants and fellowships to assist funding for algal research.


The PSA organizes an annual Phycological meeting each year:

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