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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the phycomid is a type of fungus plant monster.

Publication history[edit]

The phycomid first appeared in Dragon #68 (December 1982).The phycomid appeared in the original first edition Monster Manual II (1983).[1]

The phycomid appeared in second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in Monstrous Compendium Volume Two (1989),[2] and was reprinted in the Monstrous Manual (1993).[3]

The phycomid appeared in third edition in Dragon #337 (2007).[4]


A phycomid is an algae-like mass that resembles a blob of decomposing, milky-colored matter with capped fungi growing out of it. A phycomid extends a tube from which is exudes a highly alkaline substance that it discharges through the tube in small globules, which can also cause victims to serve as hosts for new phycomid growth.


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