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Phynd (Find) is the leader in provider information management. Health systems use Phynd as a trusted source of high-quality provider information[citation needed] – who the providers are, where they work, what they do, and what networks they serve. Phynd powers core health system processes, including marketing, find a doctor, patient access, network management, care coordination, provider outreach, and revenue cycle management. Phynd integrates with EHR, credential management, patient-facing websites, portals, and other systems which depend on high-quality provider information.

Phynd Technologies was founded by Tom White in 2012, with help from a small group of investors. Less than a year later, the Phynd solution was introduced, an innovative enterprise-class SaaS-based application supported by a secure cloud platform and a team of professional service experts that securely manages all provider information across a health system.

The Phynd Platform is an ISO 27001-compliant platform which supports synthesis, transformation and sharing of provider information across a health system.

Phynd customers are leading healthcare systems, representing over 220 hospitals and 700,000+ providers.

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