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Developer(s) Ryan C. Gordon
Stable release
2.0.3 / October 22, 2012; 3 years ago (2012-10-22)
Written in C
Type Library
License zlib License

PhysicsFS (PhysFS for short) is a zlib-licensed programming library written in C for virtual file access.[1][2] PhysicsFS is designed to provide a hardware abstraction layer to the developer, allowing them to access files contained within various archive formats as well as direct access to the filesystem, which would all be represented in a single virtual Unix-like file tree.[1] PhysicsFS initially supported ZIP, Quake PAK, and Doom WAD file formats, but recent editions expand filetype support to LZMA-compressed 7z, Build engine GRP, and Descent HOG and MVL formats.[1]


PhysicsFS is mainly used in the video game industry, but can be used by other sorts of programs, too. The Allegro,[2] LÖVE[3] and NAS2D[4] game engines support it natively. Video games that use PhysicsFS include Dead Meat, netPanzer, and MindBender.[1]


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