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The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory in the snow.

The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory (PTCL) is a major chemistry laboratory at the University of Oxford, England. It is located in main Science Area of the University on South Parks Road. Previously it was known as the Physical Chemistry Laboratory.[1]


The original Physical Chemistry Laboratory was built in 1941[2] and at that time also housed the inorganic chemistry laboratory. It replaced the Balliol-Trinity Laboratories.[3] The east wing of the building was completed in 1959 and inorganic chemistry, already in its own building on South Parks Road, then became a separate department in 1961. In 1972, the Department of Theoretical Chemistry was established in a house on South Parks Road, and in 1994, the amalgamation of the physical and theoretical chemistry departments took place. This was followed shortly by the theoretical group moving into the PTCL annexe in 1995.

Oxford University is[when?] in the early planning stages of the demolition of the PCTL building, to be replaced by a second chemistry research laboratory.[4]

Selected chemists[edit]

The following Oxford chemists are of note:

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