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Physician to the King and Physician to the Queen (QHP) are titles of the physician who is chief officer of the Medical Household of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. The Medical Household includes physicians, who treat general conditions, and extra physicians, specialists who are brought in as required.

In 1973, the position of Head of the Medical Household was created. The occupant of that position is also a Physician to the Queen.


Royal households before 1901[edit]

Royal Household of King Edward VII[edit]

Physician-in-Ordinary to His Majesty

Physicians Extraordinary to His Majesty

Honorary Physicians-in-Ordinary to His Majesty in Scotland

Honorary Physicians-in-Ordinary to His Majesty in Ireland

Royal Households 1910–1973[edit]

Royal Household post-1973[edit]


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