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Physics Plot
Physics plot icon.png
Developer(s) Charles D. Spencer
Operating system Windows
Type Technical computing
License Proprietary
Website Physics Plot Product Page

Physics Plot is a software package designed for plotting scientific data. The software was developed by Dr. Charles D. Spencer (retired professor of physics at Ithaca College) and his students. The software is marketed by Physics Academic Software. The program offers autoscaling, least square fitting, data manipulation, and function plotting.[1]


Development of Physics Plot began in the early 1980s. It was originally written using a combination of FORTRAN and machine code and ran on Technical Education Centers graphics hardware for S-100 bus computers (IMSAI 8080). The software was eventually re-written using QuickBASIC so that it could run on 80286 PCs. Development then migrated to VisualBASIC to allow for a graphical user interface.[2] Physics Plot was first made available for commercial sale in 1999 by Physics Academic Software.[3]

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