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Scientific classification

  • Goniosperma Burret
  • Goniocladus Burret

Physokentia is a genus of flowering plant in the palm family, native to certain islands of the western Pacific. It contains the following species:[1][2][3] The relationships between Physokentia and some other genera of the tribe Basseliniinae particularly the New Caledonia endemic Burretiokentia and Cyphophoenix are not clear.[4]

List of species[edit]

  1. Physokentia avia H.E.Moore - Bismarck Archipelago
  2. Physokentia dennisii H.E.Moore - Solomon Islands
  3. Physokentia insolita H.E.Moore - Solomon Islands
  4. Physokentia petiolata (Burret) D.Fuller - Fiji
  5. Physokentia tete (Becc.) Becc. - Vanuatu
  6. Physokentia thurstonii (Becc.) Becc. - Vanuatu
  7. Physokentia whitmorei H.E.Moore - Solomon Islands


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