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A piñata cookie is a sugar cookie that is shaped and colored like a piñata and filled with various ingredients.[1][2] Piñata cookies may be multicolored, which involves preparing separate batches of cookie dough and dyeing them different colors.[1] The dough is then layered into a loaf with the various colors being separated[1] A cookie cutter may be used to create various shapes.[3] After the cookies are baked, they are further prepared by creating a hollow pocket, inside which the fillings are placed.[3] They may be filled with candies, such as miniature M&Ms candy, chocolate buttons,[1] or other ingredients. They are then sealed using frosting. Piñata cookies are sometimes prepared for Cinco de Mayo.[1][4]

Common ingredients in the dough's preparation include flour, vegetable oil, butter, sugar, powdered sugar, eggs, cream of tartar, vanilla, salt, food coloring and baking soda.[1]

The piñata cookie has been described as being invented by Sandra Denneler.[5] However, it's possible that versions have been created prior to this.

Similar desserts with a piñata-style filling include cakes, cupcakes and ice cream cones.[6]

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