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The two towers

The Piątkowo transmitter (Polish designation: SLR Piątkowo) is a facility for directional radio and broadcasting of local FM and TV programmes at Piątkowo, a northern residential district of the Polish city of Poznań. The Piątkowo transmitter, which is situated at 52°27′35″N 16°54′27″E / 52.45972°N 16.90750°E / 52.45972; 16.90750 and property of the Polish company Emitel, consists of two towers of different height and construction type.

The smaller tower is a 76 metre tall free-standing concrete tower, which was built in 1963. Unlike most concrete telecommunication towers, it has no antenna mast on its top. The higher tower of Piątkowo transmitter is a 128 metre tall free-standing lattice tower, which was built in 1993. This tower is the second tallest structure in Poznań (a chimney of a power station in the urban part Karolin is taller) and belongs to the tallest free-standing radio towers in Poland.

Programmes transmitted[edit]

Program Frequency Transmission Power
PR1 Polskie Radio S.A. 89,10 MHz 0,10 kW
EMAUS Archidiecezja Poznańska 89,80 MHz 1 kW
RMI FM Media Sp. z o.o. 90,60 MHz 0,10 kW
TOK FM - Pierwsze Radio Informacyjne INFORADIO Sp. z o.o. 97,70 MHz 0,10 kW
PR4 Polskie Radio S.A. 100,20 MHz 0,10 kW
Radiostacja "Radiostacja" Sp. z o.o. 101,60 MHz 1 kW
Radio ZET Radio ZET Sp. z o.o. 104,70 MHz 0,10 kW
Radio Merkury Polskie Radio - Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Poznaniu "Radio Merkury" S.A. 102,70 MHz 0,40 kW
Program Frequency Channel Transmitter power

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