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Pi¹ Cygni (π¹ Cygni, abbreviated Pi¹ Cygni, π¹ Cygni), also named Azelfafage,[1] is a star in the constellation of Cygnus. It is approximately 1680 light years from Earth.


π¹ Cygni (Latinised to Pi¹ Cygni) is the star's Bayer designation. It is also designated HIP 107136 and HR 8301

It bore the traditional name Azelfafage, derived from the Arabic ظلف الفرس Dhilf al-faras meaning "the horse track" or (probably) ذيل الدجاجة Dhail al-dajājah meaning "the tail of hen".[2] In 2016, the International Astronomical Union organized a Working Group on Star Names (WGSN)[3] to catalogue and standardize proper names for stars. The WGSN approved the name Azelfafage for this star on 12 September 2016 and it is now so entered in the IAU Catalog of Star Names.[1]

In Chinese, 螣蛇 (Téng Shé), meaning Flying Serpent, refers to an asterism consisting of Pi¹ Cygni, Alpha Lacertae, 4 Lacertae, Pi² Cygni, HD 206267, Epsilon Cephei, Beta Lacertae, Sigma Cassiopeiae, Rho Cassiopeiae, Tau Cassiopeiae, AR Cassiopeiae, 9 Lacertae, 3 Andromedae, 7 Andromedae, 8 Andromedae, Lambda Andromedae, Kappa Andromedae, Psi Andromedae and Iota Andromedae. Consequently, Pi¹ Cygni itself is known as 螣蛇四 (Téng Shé sì, English: the Fourth Star of Flying Serpent)[4]


Pi¹ Cygni has apparent magnitude +4.67 and belongs to the spectral class B3IV.

Coordinates (equinox J2000.0):


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