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Pi Rixiu (Chinese: 皮日休; pinyin: Pí Rìxiū; Wade–Giles: P'i Jih-hsiu; ca. 834 – 883) was a Tang dynasty poet. His courtesy names were Yishao (逸少) and Ximei (袭美), and he wrote under the pen name Lumenzi (鹿门子). Pi was a contemporary of poet Lu Guimeng; these two poets are often referred to as Pi-Lu.

Pi was born at Xiangyang, in modern Hubei Province. In 867, he obtained a degree of Jinshi. After traveling to Suzhou in 868, he became Suzhou magistrate in 869. Later, he participated in the defeat of the Huang Chao's rebellion, and subsequently retired in southern China.


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