Piața Romană metro station

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Piaţa Romană
Piata Romana.jpg
Location Roman Square,
Sector 1, Bucharest
Platforms 2 - Side
Structure type Underground
Opened November 1988[1]
Preceding station   Bucharest Metro   Following station
toward Berceni
Line M2
toward Pipera

Piaţa Romană (Romanian for "Roman Square") is a metro station in central Bucharest, located in the square with the same name, on the main north-south axis of the city centre. It was not included in the initial plans of the network and was added at a later stage due to increasing demand. Because of this, the platforms are asymmetrical, very narrow (less than 1.5 m wide) and the waiting area is in a corridor separated by thick walls from the platforms in order to sustain the station's structure in the sandy soil, on which a number of 1920s high-rises are also situated.


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Coordinates: 44°26′44″N 26°05′52″E / 44.44569°N 26.09765°E / 44.44569; 26.09765