Piano Trio No. 1 (Shostakovich)

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Piano Trio No. 1 (Op. 8) in C minor for violin, violoncello and piano is a chamber composition by Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

It was created as a student work in 1923 and its last 16 bars were completed later by Shostakovich's pupil, Boris Tishchenko.[citation needed] Alternative solutions have been provided by Leslie Howard and Borys Lyatoshynsky.[citation needed]

The work was originally entitled "Poème". All of the work's themes are derived from the opening chromatically longing motive. The music recalls a Romanticism that the composer would soon repudiate.[1] The Trio is in a single movement containing a variety of tempos and musical characters. He dedicated it to Tatyana Glivenko. It was first performed by the composer and two of his friends. [2] Standard duration is approximately 13 minutes.

Selected recordings[edit]

  • ArteMiss Trio: Shostakovich. CD. ArcoDiva UP 0069-2131
  • Puella Trio: Martinů, Schnittke, Shostakovich. CD. ArcoDiva UP 0103-2131