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The piano repertoire is the set of all pieces of music written for one or more pianists, performed on one or more pianos, with or without other instruments. Specific categories of the piano repertoire can be referred to as, for example, solo piano repertoire (one player at one piano), piano duet repertoire (two players at one piano), or piano chamber repertoire (piano or pianos with one or more other instruments; may also be used to refer to the piano duet repertoire). In another sense of the term, piano repertoire can refer to all music for the instrument that a pianist is prepared to and habitually plays in public performance.


Piano repertoire has been around since the invention and mastering of pianos, yet it is nearly impossible for any one musician to absolutely master the entire piano repertoire, for the piano has the largest (and growing) repertoire dedicated to it, save for that of the human voice.[1] Recorded repertoires for the piano have been written by hundreds of pianists worldwide, from the 18th century, when the piano was invented up until today, where pianists are still working hard to complete their repertoires. Pianists and composers come from all across the world when it comes to creating their repertoires.


Piano repertoires play a major role in nearly all music and a lead role in Western music collections: classical music, jazz, and many other forms of Western music styles. Having knowledge of piano skills and being able to incorporate them with other types of music is an essential literacy of music.[2]

Most popular composers[3][edit]

Name Dates
Albéniz, Isaac 1860–1909
Bach, Johann Sebastian 1685–1750
Bartók, Béla 1881–1945
Beethoven, Ludwig van 1770–1827
Brahms, Johannes 1833–1897
Chopin, Frédéric 1810–1849
Clementi, Muzio 1752–1832
Debussy, Claude 1862–1918
Fauré, Gabriel 1845–1924
Gershwin, George 1898–1937
Grieg, Edvard 1843–1907
Haydn, Joseph 1732–1809
Kabalevsky, Dimitry 1904–1987
Khachaturian, Aram 1903–1978
Liszt, Franz 1811–1886
Medtner, Nikolai 1880–1951
Mendelssohn, Felix 1809–1847
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756–1791
Poulenc, Francis 1899–1963
Prokofiev, Sergei 1891–1953
Rachmaninoff, Sergei 1873–1943
Ravel, Maurice 1875–1937
Scarlatti, Domenico 1685–1757
Schubert, Franz 1797–1828
Schumann, Robert 1810–1856
Shostakovich, Dmitri 1906–1975
Scriabin, Alexander 1872–1915
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich 1840–1893


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