Piaski transmitter

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Lublin/Piaski Transmitter
Piaski lubelskie maszt radiowo telewizyjny.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Mast
Location Piaski (Lubelskie Voivodeship)
Completed 1990
Height 342 m (1,122.05 ft)
Piaski Transmitter
Piaski Transmitter is located in Poland
Piaski Transmitter
Piaski Transmitter
Coordinates: 51°08′02″N 22°52′11″E / 51.13389°N 22.86972°E / 51.13389; 22.86972

Piaski transmitter ( Polish: Radiowo Telewizyjne Centrum Nadawcze Lublin / Piaski or short RTCN Piaski) is a facility for FM- and TV-broadcasting near Piaski in Lublin Voivodeship, Poland at 51°08′02″N 22°52′11″E / 51.13389°N 22.86972°E / 51.13389; 22.86972. Piaski transmitter uses as antenna tower a 342 metre tall guyed mast, which was built in 1990. The mast of Piaski transmitter was at its completion the 5th, today after collapse of Warsaw Radio Mast it is the 4th tallest structure of Poland.

Radio and Television mast in Piaski

The following programmes are transmitted by Piaski transmitter.

Transmitted Programmes[edit]

Digital Television MPEG-4[edit]

Multiplex Number Programme in Multiplex Frequency Channel Power ERP Polarisation Antenna Diagram Modulation
MUX 1 570 MHz 33 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM
MUX 2 474 MHz 21 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM
MUX 3 490 MHz 23 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM

FM Radio[edit]

Program Frequency ERP
RMF FM Radio Muzyka Fakty Sp. z o.o. 89,30 MHz 30 kW
PR2 Polskie Radio S.A. 90,80 MHz 30 kW
Radio Lublin Polskie Radio - Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Lublinie "Radio Lublin" S.A. 102,20 MHz 90 kW
PR3 Polskie Radio S.A. 104,20 MHz 90 kW

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