Piaya (food)

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This article is about the Filipino food. For the bird genus, see Piaya.
Muscovado-filled piaya
Type Pastry
Course Dessert
Place of origin Philippines
Region or state Negros Occidental
Associated national cuisine Filipino cuisine
Serving temperature Warm or cold
Main ingredients Flour and muscovado
Variations Piayitos
Food energy
(per serving)
75[1] kcal
Cookbook: Piaya  Media: Piaya

Piaya is a muscovado-filled unleavened flatbread from the Philippines especially common in Negros Occidental where it originated.[2] It is made by filling dough with a mixture of muscovado and glucose syrup. The filled dough is then flattened with a rolling pin, sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked on a griddle.[3]


The traditional sweet filling made of muscovado has other alternatives, including ube and mango. Piayitos are tiny versions of the Piaya and they are thin and crispy.[4]


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Piaya baking on a grill
Freshly baked piaya.jpg
Left: Piaya being baked on a griddle. Right: Freshly-baked piaya.