Piazza dei Signori, Treviso

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Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori is a city square in Treviso, north-eastern Italy.

It takes its name (meaning "Lords Square" in Italian) from the palaces of lords the former seignory of Treviso which face it. They include:

  • Palazzo del Podestà with the Civic tower (13th century), which was the lordship's seat
  • Palazzo dei Trecento
  • Palazzo Pretorio (with a 17th century façade)
  • Original seat of the Municipal Library and the Municipal Gallery (1847)

The Square also features several sculptures of Lion of Saint Mark, a symbol of the former domination of the Republic of Venice on Treviso.


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Coordinates: 45°39′57″N 12°14′44″E / 45.665894°N 12.245501°E / 45.665894; 12.245501