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The Bibulman (Pibelmen) were an indigenous Australian people of the southwestern region of Western Australia


Their autonym may be related to the word for stingray, pibilum.[1]


Pibelmen lands comprised around 3,100 square miles (8,000 km2) of territory in the southwest. They were concentrated around the Lower Blackwood River and the hills between the Blackwood and the Warren River. Their eastern flank ran to Gardner River and Broke Inlet. The Scott River was also a part of their territory. Their inland extension ran to Manjimup and Bridgetown.[1]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Pepelman, Peopleman, Piblemen
  • Bibulman, Bibulmun, Bibudmoun, Bibbulmun, Bebleman
  • Bibilum
  • Meeraman (Koreng exonym)
  • Murram (Menang exonym)
  • Bajongwongi. (language name)[1]

Some words[edit]

  • mammon (father)
  • nungun (mother)
  • jangar (white man)
  • dwardar (tame dog)
  • yakine (wild dog)
  • yonger (kangaroo)
  • wager. (emu)[2]



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