Picún Leufú Department

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Picún Leufú
Departamento Picún Leufú (Neuquén - Argentina).png
Country Argentina
Province Neuquén
Capital Picún Leufú
 • Total 4,580 km2 (1,770 sq mi)
 • Total 4,272
 • Density 0.93/km2 (2.4/sq mi)
Important cities

Picún Leufú

Picún Leufú is a department located in the east of Neuquén Province, Argentina.


The Department limits with Confluencia Department at northeast, Rio Negro Province at southeast, Collón Curá Department at southwest, Catán Lil Department at west and Zapala Department at northwest.

Coordinates: 39°31′07″S 69°17′28″W / 39.51861°S 69.29111°W / -39.51861; -69.29111