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Industry Information technology and Services
Founded 2002
Founder Marco Tapia[1]
Headquarters St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia
Key people
  • Marco Tapia (Managing Director)
  • Guido Tapia (PredictBench and Software Engineering Manager)
  • David Booth (Project Management and Consulting Services Manager)
  • Michael Bonnice (IT Support and Managed Services Manager)[2]
Products PredictBench, 365+, ResilientGate
Services IT Support, Software Engineering, Cloud Management
Number of employees
Website www.picnet.com.au


PicNet was founded in 2002[3] by the current Managing Director of the company, Marco Tapia. After a successful career in the IT industry (where he was global Chief information officer for international company P&O Ports[4]), Tapia attended the Australian Graduate School of Management to achieve an MBA qualification. Subsequently, he was able to establish PicNet with the confidence and qualifications to run and maintain it. Tapia directed the company towards a specialization in Information technology and Risk management, through a proprietary product called Risk Shield. A core component of PicNet's strategy was to build the services component of the business,[5] using that to fund the development of the Risk Shield software.[6] PicNet has since grown, with 26 employees as of 2014 and a management board consisting of three managers.[7]


The organization generates $7.43M in annual revenue (modeled), which is 7 times higher than the $1.01M average for all business service companies in Australia. This puts Picnet Pty. Ltd. in the top 10% of companies in the industry.



The organization provides employment to 20 people (estimated). In New South Wales, an average company has between 5 and 47 employees, meaning that Picnet Pty. Ltd. employs a typical amount of people.