Pic Gaspard

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Pic Gaspard
Le pic Gaspard et le glacier de l'Homme (Ecrins).JPG
Highest point
Elevation 3,883 m (12,740 ft)
Coordinates 44°59′54″N 6°19′51″E / 44.99833°N 6.33083°E / 44.99833; 6.33083Coordinates: 44°59′54″N 6°19′51″E / 44.99833°N 6.33083°E / 44.99833; 6.33083
Pic Gaspard is located in France
Pic Gaspard
Pic Gaspard
Location Hautes-Alpes, France
Parent range Massif des Écrins
First ascent 6 July 1878 by Henry Duhamel with Pierre Gaspard father and son, and Christophe Roderon
Easiest route Versant E (PD)

Pic Gaspard (3,883 m) is a mountain in the French Alps, one of the tallest in the Massif des Écrins. It was named in honor of the celebrated L'Oisans guide Pierre Gaspard, conqueror of La Meije on 16 August 1877 in the company of Emmanuel Boileau de Castelnau.

Pic Gaspard was climbed for the first time in 1878 by Henry Duhamel, along with Pierre Gaspard and his eldest son, and Christophe Roderon, by a route that has become the normal one. Subsequently, several routes were opened including the south-southeast arête conquered by Lucien Devies and Giusto Gervasutti in 1935, and that of the north face defeated by Albert Tobey and Louis Berger in 1948.


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