Pic de Vallibierna

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Pic de Vallibierna
Highest point
Elevation3,067 m (10,062 ft) [1]
Prominence329 metres (1,079 ft)
ListingList of Pyrenean three-thousanders
Coordinates42°35′42″N 0°39′18″E / 42.59500°N 0.65500°E / 42.59500; 0.65500Coordinates: 42°35′42″N 0°39′18″E / 42.59500°N 0.65500°E / 42.59500; 0.65500[2]
Pic de Vallibierna is located in Pyrenees
Pic de Vallibierna
Pic de Vallibierna
Parent rangeMassif de la Maladeta

The Pic de Vallibierna, culminating at 3,067 m (10,062 ft), together with the tuc Culebras 3,062 m (10,046 ft) forms a massif located south of the massif de la Maladeta, in the Spanish Pyrenees (Aragon province). The crest separating both summits is nicknamed the horse step.


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