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picaBot floor vacuuming robot.

picaBot is a domestic robotic floor cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, and disinfects floors simultaneously.[1]


Photocatalytic UV tube on the underside to kill harmful microbes.

picabot originated from the words pica and robot. Pica means a craving to eat substances that has no nutrition like dirt or chalk.[2] Literally translated, picabot is a robot that likes to eat rubbish.

picabot eVo2, based on QQ2L by Metapo Inc, was launched in July 2008. It operated on rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, comes with a docking station(home base), power adaptor, remote control and a spare filter. The robot would return for recharge automatically whenever it finished its job, the battery level is low or anytime commanded to return with a remote control.[3]

Since Metapo first launched the US version of the robot called Infinuvo QQ1 in the US market sometime in 2003, it has undergone several upgrades including 3 major ones.[4] Compare to QQ1, the QQ2L has improved much on its Artificial Intelligence(AI), battery run time and product reliability.

picaBot eVo2 has further improved on the floor disinfecting, the suspension system and battery pack of the robot compare to the US version of QQ2L. The result is better germicidal effect when it added photocatalysis[5] to the UV tube mounted on the bottom of the robot. The improved suspension system allow the robot to traverse different type and height of floors with greater ease. Higher spec battery increase the robot's running time significantly.

Latest development[edit]

In early 2009, the issue of short run time has been resolved with the new battery supplier. The latest picaBot eVo2M which was launched in early February 2010 with a 2800mAH battery pack has received favorable feedback from users with many claiming run time of more than 100 minutes. Besides upgrading done in Malaysia, Corvan also introduced a 100% run-in program since 2008 where every robot is run a full cycle with all functions working. The objective of the upgrade and 100% run-in program is to improve the reliability of the robot.[6]

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