Piccadilly Third Stop

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Piccadilly Third Stop
"Piccadilly Third Stop" (1960).jpg
Original British quad poster by Nicola Simbari
Directed by Wolf Rilla
Produced by Norman Williams
Written by Leigh Vance (and story)
Starring Terence Morgan
Yoko Tani
John Crawford
Mai Zetterling
Music by Philip Green
Cinematography Ernest Steward
Edited by Bernard Gribble
Sydney Box Associates
Distributed by J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
6 September 1960 (London) (UK)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Piccadilly Third Stop is a 1960 British thriller film directed by Wolf Rilla and starring Terence Morgan, Yoko Tani and John Crawford.[1] The screenplay concerns a wealthy playboy who hires a gang of criminals to help him steal £100,000.


Crook Dominic Colpoys-Owen (Terence Morgan) has his eye on the loot inside an embassy in London, when foreign ambassador's daughter Seraphina (Yoko Tani) unwittingly reveals her father, away on business, has left big money behind in the safe. Colpoys-Owen works his smooth-talking charm on the innocent girl, who becomes so infatuated that she agrees to help his gang with their plan. This involves a robbery accessed from the London Underground on the embassy in Knightsbridge.


Critical reception[edit]

Allmovie called it a "fast-paced, standard crime story";[2] while the Radio Times called it a "plodding low-budget thriller."[3]

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