Piccolo Ragazzo

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Piccolo Ragazzo
Studio album by Dalida
Released 1967
Recorded 1966-1967
Genre World music, Pop music, Rock and roll
Label Barclay Records, RCA
Dalida chronology
Olympia 67
(1967)Olympia 671967
Piccolo Ragazzo
Un po' d'amore
(1968)Un po' d'amore1968

Piccolo Ragazzo is an Italian album by Dalida. It shares some songs with the previous 1966's Pensiamoci Ogni Sera and contains two of Dalida's #1 hits, namely "Bang Bang" and "Mama", and her lover Luigi Tenco's "Ciao amore, ciao".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Piccolo ragazzo"
  2. "Amo"
  3. "Bang Bang"
  4. "Stivaletti rossi"
  5. "Sola più che mai"
  6. "Mama"
  7. "Cuore matto"
  8. "Il mio male sei"
  9. "Ciao amore, ciao"
  10. "Pensiamoci ogni sera"
  11. "Cominciamo ad amarci"
  12. "Il silenzio"


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