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Pichal Peri

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An imaginary portrait of mountainous region that bears close similarity to Himalayan foothills of the 1860s.

Pichal peri or pichhal pairī (Hindi: पिछल पेरी, Urdu: پچھل‌ پيری "reverse-footed"), also called churel/chuṛail/chudail (Hindi: चुड़ैल, Urdu: چڑیل) is a monster or supernatural creature popularly appearing in ghost stories of South and Central Asia. Pichal peris usually appear female with long hair covering the face and feet pointing backward.[1]


Pichal peris are said to roam the mountains of India and Pakistan.[2] They are said to be found in the Himalayas, though it occasionally enters some Indian villages.[2] In Pakistan, sightings are usually reported in the rural mountainous regions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, however sightings in the Punjab province are also occasionally reported. People who claim these reports are usually elders of rural villages who are known to hold superstitious beliefs, it is possible that people in Punjab have taken inspiration from their northern neighbours and made their own versions of the legend. The characteristics of the pichal peri vary depending on region.[1]

In some versions, pichal peris appear in the woods at night and target lone men. Most stories will have the victim escaping as these are usually told by people who claim to be first hand witnesses. It is believed that pichal peris have two forms. In most stories they appear as beautiful women in order to lure men and get exposed only due to their backward feet. In some cases witnesses claim to see the female form transforming into a tall demonic creature.[1]

See also[edit]

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