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Pichilemu City Hall, where City Council's meetings take place
Pichilemu City Hall

The Pichilemu City Hall served as the city's administrative headquarters where the Pichilemu City Council meets. It was constructed from 1891 until May 6, 1894.[1][2]

The building was located in the Ángel Gaete street,[3] in a terrain of 1,660 square metres (17,900 sq ft) that descends suddenly from the street level. It was conformed by a 2-floors building, a zócalo, a complementary construction (260 square metres (2,800 sq ft)) and a yard. The yard serves as car parking for the municipality trucks, has a store and the corral municipal.[2]

The building was not constructed for that purpose, and worked as four separate parts rather than one unit.[2]

The Pichilemu City Hall was scheduled to be renovated in 2011, by the Government of O'Higgins Region.[4] According to the Municipality of Paredones, the Pichilemu City Hall "will be completely repaired."[5] Mayor of Pichilemu Roberto Córdova said on a Pichilemu City Council meeting that the new City Hall will be constructed with the earthquake reconstruction funds, and it was expected that by late 2011, the construction work will begin.[6]

The Municipalidad de Pichilemu building was demolished between December 2011 and January 2012. No construction work has begun as of March 2012.


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