Pichincha Province

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Province of Pichincha
Flag of Pichincha
Coat of arms of Pichincha
Coat of arms
Location of Pichincha  in Ecuador.
Location of Pichincha in Ecuador.
Cantons of Pichincha Province
Cantons of Pichincha Province
Country Ecuador
Established 1824
Named for Pichincha volcano
Capital Quito
 • Provincial Prefect Gustavo Baroja Narváez
 • Total 9,494 km2 (3,666 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 2,417,116
 • Density 250/km2 (660/sq mi)
Time zone ECT (UTC-5)
Website http://www.pichincha.gov.ec/
Historic centre of Quito, First World Heritage Site.
Cayambe volcano
Panoramic view from the Guagua Pichinchaare observed ten raised: (from left) Ilaló, Antisana, Sincholagua, Quilindaña, Pasochoa, Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Atacazo, Corazón and Illinizas

Pichincha is a province of Ecuador located in the northern sierra region; its capital and largest city is Quito. It is bordered by Imbabura & Esmeraldas to the north, Cotopaxi & Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas to the south, Napo & Sucumbíos to the east, and Esmeraldas & Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas to the west.

Prior to 2008, the canton Santo Domingo de los Colorados was part of the Pichincha Province. It has since become its own province, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The province is divided into eight cantons.

Canton Pop. (2001) Area (km²) Cantonization Capital
Cayambe 69,800 1,187 July 23, 1883 Cayambe
Mejía 62,888 1,459 July 23, 1883 Machachi
Pedro Moncayo 25,594 333 Sep. 26, 1911 Tabacundo
Pedro Vicente Maldonado 9,965 657 Jan. 28, 1992 Pedro Vicente Maldonado
Puerto Quito 17,100 719 Apr. 1, 1996 Puerto Quito
Quito 1,839,853 4,204 Dec. 6, 1534 Quito
Rumiñahui 65,882 134 May 31, 1938 Sangolquí
San Miguel de Los Bancos 10,717 801 Feb. 14, 1991 San Miguel de los Bancos

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Pichincha Province, The Presidential Palace in Colonial Quito = Carondelet Palace with a double decker tourist bus.
Casa Gangotena located in the Historic Center of Quito facing the Plaza San Francisco, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Situated in a newly restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco, the three-story Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel harbours 31 rooms & panoramic third-floor terrace.

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