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The following is a list of episodes for the television show Cupid.


The fifteen episodes are listed below in the order aired. Two additional episodes titled "Company Pier" and "Chapter Six" were scripted, but never filmed.

# Title Original airdate Code
1 "Pilot" September 26, 1998 (1998-09-26) 100
Psychologist Dr. Claire Allen is called in by the hospital to look at a man who believes he is the Greek god Cupid. After weeks of therapy and Claire's insistence that he has overcome his delusions he is released into her custody at a council hearing where the man also claims his real name is Trevor Hale (which Claire later discovers is a name he made up on the fly from a sign in the courtroom 'And love shall make the Earth tremor, as it's reborn in a storm of fire and hail.'). Cupid/Trevor begins going to a singles meeting that Claire heads, and in doing so helps a woman from the seminar find love, to Claire's consternation. Trevor also charms his way into securing a job as a bartender at Taggerty's and convinces the bouncer, Champ, into renting him a room.
2 "The Linguist" October 3, 1998 (1998-10-03) 101
Dr. Claire Allen enlists the help of a University of Chicago linguist to determine Trevor's real past. Trevor helps him find love through tutoring a woman that works at the university's cafeteria. The linguist builds a file on Trevor, but when the relationship blossoms, he hides the file from Claire.
3 "Heaven, He’s in Heaven" October 10, 1998 (1998-10-10) 102
A couple seek counseling from Claire because the husband keeps spontaneously breaking into song and dance in public. Claire loses a promotion by criticizing the husband, but Trevor brings them together by teaching the wife to dance.
4 "A Truly Fractured Fairy Tale" October 17, 1998 (1998-10-17) 103
A woman in Claire's group dreams of a male model on a billboard, and Trevor introduces them. The relationship goes well initially, but they end up apart because he is a city boy and she is a country girl. Meanwhile, Claire's faith in romance is restored by anonymous gifts, but it turns out they were intended for a different woman.
5 "First Loves" October 24, 1998 (1998-10-24) 104
Champ's friend Sophie (Lisa Loeb) has not been in love since she was 13. Trevor and the group go on a road trip to find her childhood sweetheart, but she finds love with her sweetheart's younger brother. Meanwhile, Trevor is upset because he thinks Claire is going to chemically castrate him, but she actually prevents the procedure.
6 "Meat Market" October 31, 1998 (1998-10-31) 105
Trevor teaches the men from Claire's singles group how to meet women at a night club's Halloween bash. He helps them get over their fear of rejection by inventing a game where the winner is the one who collects the most rejections. Also, Trevor helps a homeless girl go back to her hometown.
7 "Pick-Up Schticks" November 7, 1998 (1998-11-07) 106
Trevor is attracted to Helen (Sherilyn Fenn), but cannot have sex with her because he believes it will make him mortal forever. Meanwhile, Claire's relationship with Alex, a Pulitzer winning writer, becomes serious. Also, a man in Claire's single group uses unethical pick up lines to have sex with a woman he admires, then feels ashamed.
8 "Heart of the Matter" November 21, 1998 (1998-11-21) 107
Trevor sets up a dying woman with a hockey coach. They hit it off, but before they can have a second date, he is killed in an auto accident. Trevor becomes despondent, but then the coach's organs save the woman's life.
9 "The End of an Eros" December 12, 1998 (1998-12-12) 108
Claire believes Alex is going to break up with her, so she asks Trevor's assistance. Trevor helps, but it is shown that he may have feelings for Claire himself.
10 "Hung Jury" December 19, 1998 (1998-12-19) 110
Claire and Trevor are forced to serve on a jury during Christmas. Claire frets about not spending the holiday with Alex, while Trevor tries to help two black jurors connect. In the end, the female black juror takes a liking to a white juror.
11 "A Great Personality" January 7, 1999 (1999-01-07) 112
Trevor explains to the group that beautiful people end up in relationships with other beautiful people. Claire disagrees, and they set up a beautiful woman in the group with an ordinary looking man with a good personality. In the end, the beautiful woman goes back to her good looking ex-boyfriend, proving Trevor right.
12 "Grand Delusions" January 14, 1999 (1999-01-14) 111
A man who believes he is Don Quixote walks into Trevor's bar and thinks Trevor is his Sancho Panza. Trevor helps him woo Dulcinea (in reality a stripper). In the end, Claire makes the man realize he is crazy as the result of killing his wife in a drunk driving accident. Also, Claire's jazz-playing father visits.
13 "Bachelorette Party" January 28, 1999 (1999-01-28) 109
Claire's friend is in town for her wedding and bachelorette party. Trevor attempts to head off a woman the groom has been sleeping with, but it turns out that she and the groom are really the ones in love. Claire is forced to confront her and her friends cliquish behaviour. They had treated the woman poorly.
14 "The Children’s Hour" February 11, 1999 (1999-02-11) 113
Claire is treating a young boy when the boy enlists Trevor's help in finding his mom (Tiffani Thiessen) a boyfriend. She thinks poorly of men because they cannot accept that she has children, then turns down a suitor because he has to take care of an ailing aunt. In the end they show her her own double standard, and the two become a couple.
15 "Botched Makeover" UNAIRED 114
A woman in Claire's group can't get a date because of her appearance. Trevor suggests a make-over, and she becomes a beauty. A man goes out with her on a bet, thinking she is unattractive, then grows to like the new her. She learns of the bet and rejects him. Meanwhile, Trevor and Claire spar over who is the better dancer, then join to win a dance contest when each's partner is unavailable.

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