Pickin' & Fiddlin'

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Pickin' & Fiddlin'
Pickin' & Fiddlin'.jpeg
Studio album by The Dillards, Byron Berline
Released 1965
Genre Bluegrass
Length 33:00 (approximate)
Label Elektra
Producer Jim Dickson
The Dillards chronology
Live!!!! Almost!!!
(1964)Live!!!! Almost!!!1964
Pickin' & Fiddlin'
Wheatstraw Suite
(1968)Wheatstraw Suite1968

Pickin' & Fiddlin' is the third album by American bluegrass group The Dillards, recorded with up and coming fiddle player Byron Berline. The album is entirely instrumental, with no vocals. The group had been unhappy with Elektra because they felt pressure from the company not to innovate, as they were beginning to do (and would eventually record on Wheatstraw Suite), and because they felt that Elektra was not doing enough to promote their records. The Dillards chose to record a strictly traditional album with Berline, a friend of the group, because they owed Elektra one more album. Rodney later stated, "That wasn't a record made for anyone but the traditionals. We got completely hacked to pieces by them. So we said, 'Okay, screw you guys, we'll make an album, and we'll play it right up your ass!,' so we did."

Track listing[edit]

  1. Hamilton County
  2. Fisher's Hornpipe
  3. Paddy on the Turnpike
  4. Jazzbow Rag
  5. Apple Blossom
  6. Tom & Jerry
  7. Cotton Patch
  8. Durang's Hornpipe
  9. Wagoner
  10. Sally Johnson
  11. Crazy Creek
  12. Drunken Billy Goat
  13. Black Mountain Rag
  14. Twinkle, Twinkle
  15. Wild John
  16. Soppin' the Gravy