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Pickwick tea in a promotional mug
Former packaging of Pickwick tea

Pickwick is a tea brand, marketed by Dutch company Douwe Egberts. It is the largest tea brand in the Netherlands and the leading brand in market share of black tea there, although its share has been decreasing due to competition.[1] As of 2014, it is also the leading tea brand in Denmark, with 27% of market share.[2]


Douwe Egberts tea had been marketed under the company name since 1753, but in 1937 the name Pickwick was chosen by director Johannes Hessel's wife, who was inspired by Charles Dickens's Pickwick Papers.[3] In the 1990s the brand was introduced to Central and Eastern Europe,[4] and in 2015 to the USA in limited supply.[5]


Pickwick teas include black tea, green tea, white tea, flavoured teas, and herbal teas.[6]


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