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Picnicface is a Canadian sketch comedy troupe based in Halifax, NS consisting of Mark Little, Andrew Bush, Kyle Dooley, Cheryl Hann, Brian MacQuarrie, Evany Rosen, Scott Vrooman and Bill Wood. Formed in 2006, the group's alternative comedy style quickly caught on with millions of Internet viewers in North America and worldwide. Several videos posted to YouTube went viral, including Powerthirst, which has been viewed over 30,000,000 times.[1]


The group has performed in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and other Canadian cities. They have had a special on CBC Radio and have a weekly sketch and improv comedy show in Halifax.[2]

In 2011, Picnicface were featured in a film called Roller Town and a satirical book about Canada for HarperCollins Canada called Picnicface's Canada.[3]

The Comedy Network ordered thirteen episodes of a Picnicface sketch TV series in December, 2010. The series was executive-produced by Mark McKinney from The Kids in the Hall.[4] The series premiered in September, 2011 and the first season ended on December 14, 2011. On May 3, 2012 Picnicface announced the television show had been cancelled. However, the troupe have begun a petition campaign to renew their contract with Bell Media.[5]

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