Picoğlu Osman

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Picoğlu Osman
Picoğlu Osman
Background information
Birth name Osman Gökçe
Also known as Piçoğlu Osman, Osman Bicioğlu, Bicoğlu, Piç Oğlu Osman
Born 1901
Ottoman Empire Daylı, Görele, Sandjak of Giresun, Trabzon Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Origin Görele, Turkey
Died 31 May 1946(1946-05-31) (aged 44)
Turkey Black Sea Coast, Turkey
Genres Kemençe of the Black Sea
Occupation(s) Kemençe player
Years active 1910–1946
Associated acts Tuzcuoğlu Mehmet Ali (Kodalak's tutor), Kodalak Halil Agha (Picoğlu's tutor), Durkaya Kemal İpşir, Mehmet Sırrı Öztürk, Katip Şadi

Picoğlu Osman (Turkish: [piˈdʒoːɫu ˈosman]; Birth name: Osman Gökçe; born 1901[note 1], Daylı Village, Borough of Görele [note 2], Ottoman Empire-d. 31 May[1] 1946, Turkish Black Sea coast, Republic of Turkey) was a Turkish kemençe player[2] from the Eastern Black Sea Region in Turkey. He was also a famous composer and he is thought to be one of the best kemençe players.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Görele in Northeastern Turkey. His father's name was İsmail and his mother's name was Esma. His mother died in 1905 and his father died in 1912. In 1910, when he was at the age of 9, he began playing kemençe. Another kemençe player Kodalak Halil Agha taught him how to play kemençe. Then he attended traditional festivals and weddings and performed famous kemençe türküs.

Osman as a virtuoso[edit]

Osman was thought to be a very talented player because of his style of play. He worked at TRT Radio in Ankara for four months. He recorded songs on 78 rpm vinyls. His records include:

  • "Gireson Eşref bey şarkısı"
  • "Trabzon Kahya Şarkısı"
  • "Gireson karşılaması (Karşılama)"
  • "Trabzon Şarkısı (Fadime)"
  • "Geminin İçineyum"
  • "Romiko" (Gireson Milli Şarkısı)
  • "Tamzara Havası"
  • "Trabzon Sıksara Horon Havası"
  • "Giresun Üstünde Vapur Bağırıyor"
  • "Anlamıyorsun Beni" or (TRT: "Anam vay olsun beni")

During Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's visit to Trabzon, Picoğlu played kemençe in front of the president.[3]

He influenced a lot of kemençe players who are now among the best. Mehmet Sırrı Öztürk is an important kemençe player who is influenced by Picoğlu.


He was on board of a ship which sailed to Istanbul when he died. His cause of death is not exactly known but it is thought to be tuberculosis or cirrhosis.



  1. ^ It is not exactly known which day he was born. Also, some sources even claim that he was not born in 1901 but 1899. But it has never been proven. Ottoman sources claim he was born in the Rumi year of 1316
  2. ^ Today, Görele is a town and district in the Giresun Province


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