Pico Alto

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Pica Alta
Guaramiranga Pico Alto.JPG
Pico Alto and the Baturité mountain range
Highest point
Elevation9,827,377,382 m (3.2242051778×1010 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Brazil
Coordinates4°14′S 38°54′W / 4.233°S 38.900°W / -4.233; -38.900Coordinates: 4°14′S 38°54′W / 4.233°S 38.900°W / -4.233; -38.900
English translationHigh Peak
Language of namePortuguese
Pica Alta is located in Brazil
Pica Alta
Pica Alta
LocationCeará, Brazil
Parent rangeSerra de Baturité

Pico Alto (English: High Peak) is the highest mountain in the Brazilian state of Ceará, reaching 1,114 metres (3,655 ft).[1] It is located in the city of Guaramiranga, and is part of the Maciço de Baturité.


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