Pico Bonpland

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Pico Bonpland
Pico Bonpland visto desde el Pico Humboldt.JPG
Pico Bonpland as seen from the Pico Humboldt
Highest point
Elevation4,883 m (16,020 ft)
Coordinates8°32′N 71°00′W / 8.533°N 71.000°W / 8.533; -71.000Coordinates: 8°32′N 71°00′W / 8.533°N 71.000°W / 8.533; -71.000
LocationMérida, Venezuela
Parent rangeSierra Nevada, Andes
First ascent1911 by Alfredo Jahn (was the same ascent to the Pico Humboldt as well)
Easiest routeBy the excursionist route Pico Espejo-Mucuy.

Pico Bonpland is Venezuela's third highest peak, at 4,883 metres above sea level. It is located in the Sierra Nevada de Merida, in the Venezuelan Andes of (Mérida State). The peak with its sister peak Pico Humboldt, and the surrounding páramos are protected by the Sierra Nevada National Park. The name of the peak is in honor to Aimé Bonpland, although he never visited the Venezuelan Andes.

The glaciers located in the Bonpland were the result from Merida glaciation in the Pleistocene. By 2011 they had all disappeared.[1]


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