Pico El Águila

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Pico El Águila
Collado del Condor.JPG
Highest point
Elevation4,118 m (13,510 ft)
Coordinates8°51′00″N 70°49′00″W / 8.85000°N 70.81667°W / 8.85000; -70.81667Coordinates: 8°51′00″N 70°49′00″W / 8.85000°N 70.81667°W / 8.85000; -70.81667
Pico El Águila is located in Venezuela
Pico El Águila
Pico El Águila
LocationMérida, Mérida State, Venezuela
Parent rangeSierra Nevada de Mérida (part of the Andes)
Easiest routeDrive
Collado del Cóndor, the highest point in the Transandean highway.

Pico El Águila or Collado del Cóndor [1] is the milestone that stands at the highest elevation on the Venezuelan Transandean Highway (a branch of the Pan-American Highway) in the Cordillera de Mérida of Venezuela.[2] Nearby stands a monument, sculpted by a Colombian artist, Marcos León Mariño, depicting a condor, commemorating an event in the campaign of the Liberator, Simón Bolivar. It is located in Mérida (state) and has an altitude of 4,118 meters.[3]


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