Pico Polaco

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Pico Polaco
Pico Polaco is located in Argentina
Pico Polaco
Pico Polaco
Location in Argentina
Highest point
Elevation 6,050 m (19,850 ft)
Coordinates 32°01′39″S 70°06′34″W / 32.02750°S 70.10944°W / -32.02750; -70.10944Coordinates: 32°01′39″S 70°06′34″W / 32.02750°S 70.10944°W / -32.02750; -70.10944
Location San Juan, Argentina
Parent range Andes
First ascent 1958

Pico Polaco is a mountain in the Cordillera de la Ramada range of the Andes Mountains of Argentina. It has a height of 6,050 metres (19,849 ft) although some sources give 6,001 metres (19,688 ft)[1]

The first attempt to climb the mountain was by a Polish expedition in 1934, abandoned due to bad weather and one of the team members' foot injury [2]. The first successful ascent was done in 1958 by Argentine climbers A. Beorchia and E. Yacante.

The name was given to the peak following the first ascent, after the Poles in honor of their achievements within the Cordillera. The Polish expedition referred to the mountain as "Innominata" ("Unnamed").


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