Pico da Cruz

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Pico da Cruz
Pico da Cruz en Santo Antao.JPG
Pico da Cruz
Highest point
Elevation 1,585 m (5,200 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Cape Verde
Coordinates 17°06′11″N 25°01′52″W / 17.10306°N 25.03111°W / 17.10306; -25.03111Coordinates: 17°06′11″N 25°01′52″W / 17.10306°N 25.03111°W / 17.10306; -25.03111
Pico da Cruz is located in Cape Verde
Pico da Cruz
Pico da Cruz
eastern Santo Antão
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Easiest route climb

Pico da Cruz (Portuguese meaning "peak of the cross") is a mountain in the eastern part of the island of Santo Antão. Its maximum elevation is 1585 m.[1] It is 5 km southwest of the town Pombas (Paul). The mountain is of volcanic origin.[citation needed] It gives its name to the village of Pico da Cruz is some hundreds of meters to the west and forms a part of the municipality of Paul. The Paul-Porto Novo municipal boundary (also the Pico da Cruz-Ribeirão Frio communal and the natural park boundary) is around the area bordering 300 meters soufh.

Pico da Cruz forms a part of a protected area known as the Cova-Ribeira da Torre-Paul Natural Park.

Much of the area within the peak are forested. Flora includes laurisilva and other pines, some deciduous trees and smaller plants, especially endangered ones including Tornabenea insularis.

The area offers panoramic views including the Ribeira do Paul, Ribeira da Janela, the east of Porto Novo and the south of the island and the island of São Vicente and its surrounding islets.

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