Pico da Pedra

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Pico da Pedra
Civil Parish
Official name: Freguesia do Pico da Pedra
Name origin: Portuguese for peak of rock
Country  Portugal
Autonomous Region  Azores
Island São Miguel
Municipality Ribeira Grande
Localities Cancela, Pico da Pedra, Pico do Ataíde, Pico do Boi, Tapada do Fernandes, Tronqueira
Center Pico da Pedra
 - elevation 152 m (499 ft)
 - coordinates 37°47′39.82″N 25°37′7.19″W / 37.7943944°N 25.6186639°W / 37.7943944; -25.6186639Coordinates: 37°47′39.82″N 25°37′7.19″W / 37.7943944°N 25.6186639°W / 37.7943944; -25.6186639
Highest point Cruz
 - elevation 374 m (1,227 ft)
 - coordinates 37°47′19″N 25°37′36″W / 37.78861°N 25.62667°W / 37.78861; -25.62667
Lowest point
 - location Canto dos Reis
 - elevation 46 m (151 ft)
 - coordinates 37°48′47″N 25°36′14″W / 37.81306°N 25.60389°W / 37.81306; -25.60389
Area 6.58 km2 (3 sq mi)
 - urban .79 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population 2,909 (2011)
Density 442 / km2 (1,145 / sq mi)
LAU Junta Freguesia
 - location Avenida da Paz
President Junta João Soares
President Assembleia Maria Lubélia Borges
Timezone Azores (UTC-1)
 - summer (DST) Azores (UTC0)
Postal Zone 9600-053
Area Code & Prefix (+351) 292 XXX-XXXX
Patron Saint Nossa Senhora das Prazeres
Wikimedia Commons: Pico da Pedra (Ribeira Grande)
Geographic detail from Instituto Geográfico Português (2010)

Pico da Pedra (Portuguese: peak of the rock) is a civil parish in the municipality of Ribeira Grande in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The population in 2011 was 2,909,[1] in an area of 6.58 km².[2]


The Church of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres in the centre of the parish of Pico da Pedra

The settlement of the area began at the beginning of the 16th century.[3]

The origin of its name derives from the 234 metre mountain in the south of the settlement, a volcanic cone that first encountered during the exploration of the island, and which scattered basaltic lava in its surroundings.[3]

It was only in the 20th century, that the parish developed initiatives to improve the quality of life in Pico da Pedra, that included the establishment of social centre, cooperative for habitation and consume, sports fields, a Casa do Povo, daycare and seniors centres, as well as informative services.[3]


Pico da Pedra is a landlocked parish situated in the interior in the northern coast of the island of São Miguel, approximately eight kilometres from the Ponta Delgada and ten kilometes from municipal seat of Ribeira Grande.[3] It is surrounded in the north and west by the parishes of Calhetas and Fenais da Luz, south by Fajã de Cima, São Roque and Livramento and east by the parish of Rabo de Peixe.[3]

Although official records suggest that 2426 inhabitants live in the parishes localities, the number has grown, with local estimates hovering around 3000 residents.[3] The growth of pedestrianism on the islands of the Azores, was the impetus for the creation of the ecological association Amigos dos Açores, whose headquarters is located in Pico da Pedra.


Over that last decades of the 20th century, the population of Pico da Pedra transformed from a population typically rural, dedicated to agriculture, to a population dedicated to essentially serviced-based activities, employed primarily in the city of Ponta Delgada.[3]


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