Pico del Águila

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Pico del Águila
Pico del Águila is located in Mexico
Pico del Águila
Pico del Águila
Location in Mexico
Highest point
Elevation 4,620 metres (15,160 ft)
Coordinates 19°12′46.8″N 99°15′25.2″W / 19.213000°N 99.257000°W / 19.213000; -99.257000Coordinates: 19°12′46.8″N 99°15′25.2″W / 19.213000°N 99.257000°W / 19.213000; -99.257000
Location Mexico City
Topo map Part of the neovolcanic axis
Last eruption Not erupted
Easiest route Taking the Picacho-Ajusco road from Periferico sur expressway at the point of Channel 13 TV studios, then Circuito Ajusco the easy way(by a road) is when you reach the intersection with Road to Jalatlaco is more short and high point that you can access from the road then you need climb to the top (WARNING, be sure that you wear high boots or protect your legs in the area is high grass and thorns even crotals so be careful you can carry a wooden rod for help you)

Pico del Águila is a peak of the mountain range called Ajusco Volcano 3,937 mt, located in Cumbres del Ajusco National Park (other Volcanoes that form part of the same area are: Malinali, Mezontepec, Pelado, Oyameyo, Malacatepec, Couepil, Cictontle, Xitli (or Xitle, this last erupted at the southern outskirts of Mexico City, in the borough of Tlalpan. It is a popular Sunday hike, and can be climbed in about two hours.[citation needed]