Pico do Jaraguá

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Pico do Jaraguá
Pico do jaragua aerial 2010.JPG
Pico do Jaraguá as seen from an aircraft
Highest point
Elevation 1,135 m (3,724 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Brazil
Coordinates 23°27′30″S 46°45′55″W / 23.45833°S 46.76528°W / -23.45833; -46.76528Coordinates: 23°27′30″S 46°45′55″W / 23.45833°S 46.76528°W / -23.45833; -46.76528
Pico do Jaraguá is located in Brazil
Pico do Jaraguá
Pico do Jaraguá
Location in southern Brazil
Location State of São Paulo, Brazil
Parent range Serra da Cantareira
Easiest route “Trilha da Bica” and “Trilha do Pai Zé”

Pico do Jaraguá (Jaraguá Peak) is the highest mountain in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, at 1135 metres above sea level, located at the Serra da Cantareira. Jaraguá means Lord of the Valley in Tupi.[1]


Pico do Jaraguá from Anhangüera Highway.

In 1580, Afonso Sardinha was settled on the mountain, and found gold there. However, due to the indigenous people who lived there at that time, the mining only began ten years later, after numerous wars. The gold was explored until it was not possible to find it any more, by the 19th century.

In 1961, the Parque Estadual do Jaraguá (Jaraguá State Park) was created. Soon, TV Globo, Bandeirantes and TV Cultura were allowed to build their TV transmitting masts on the mountain. A 130-metre (430 ft) mast was placed on the highest peak, through a Globo-Bandeirantes partnership, while TV Cultura had its mast build on the nearby lower peak.

By 1994, the Parque Estadual do Jaraguá was nominated for World Heritage Site by UNESCO.[1]


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