Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records

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Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records
Studio album by Chumbawamba
Released 1986
Recorded August 1986
Genre Anarcho-punk, post-punk, alternative rock, pop music
Length 33:04
Label Agit-Prop Records (UK)
Southern Records (US 1986 LP)
Chumbawamba chronology
Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records
Never Mind the Ballots
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Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records is the debut studio album by anarcho-punk band Chumbawamba, released in 1986 on Agit-Prop Records. It was released as criticism to Live Aid, which was a rock festival held in aid of charity efforts in Africa.

The sound of Danbert Nobacon vomiting into a toilet was apparently the first thing that sound engineer Neil Ferguson (who later joined the band) recorded for the band.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and produced by Chumbawamba

  1. "How to Get Your Band on Television" - 8:23 (also listed in two parts as "Prelude" and "Slag Aid")
  2. "British Colonialism and the BBC" - 2:51
  3. "Commercial Break" - 1:02
  4. "Unilever" - 4:23
  5. "More Whitewashing" - 3:43
  6. "An Interlude: Beginning to Take It Back" - 2:41
  7. "Dutiful Servants and Political Masters" - 2:15
  8. "Coca-Colanisation" - 0:54
  9. "...And in a Nutshell" - 2:13
  10. "Invasion" - 5:07

Track details[edit]



  • Simon "Commonknowledge" Lanzon - Keyboards, Accordion, Voice
  • Neil Ferguson - Engineer