Pidgeon Island

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Not to be confused with Pigeon Island (disambiguation).
Pidgeon Island
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 66°19′S 110°27′E / 66.317°S 110.450°E / -66.317; 110.450Coordinates: 66°19′S 110°27′E / 66.317°S 110.450°E / -66.317; 110.450
Archipelago Windmill Islands
Population 0
Additional information
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Pidgeon Island is a rocky Antarctic island, a mile long, between Midgley Island and Mitchell Peninsula in the Windmill Islands. It was first mapped from air photos taken by USN Operation Highjump and Operation Windmill in 1947 and 1948. It was named by the US-ACAN for E. C. Pidgeon, Photographer's Mate on Operation Highjump flights in this area and other coastal areas between 14 and 164 East longitude. Thought to be a separate unit, the eastern part of this feature was previously named O'Brien Islet. The name O'Brien is now applied to the bay north of Mitchell Peninsula.

Lynsky Cove[edit]

Lynsky Cove is a cove in the north side of the island. Named by the US-ACAN for Chief Builder James E. Lynsky, USN, a member of the Wilkes Station party of 1958.

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