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Pienaar is a well-known Afrikaans surname, derived from the French Pinard.[1] It was brought to South Africa in 1688 by Huguenot settlers traveling with the Dutch East India Company.[2] The extended progenitors of the Pienaar clan are Jacques Pinard, a carpenter from Eure-et-Loir, and Esther Foucher (born Suèvres, Orléanais). After Esther's death Pinard later remarried Marthe le Fèbre, a native of Paarl.[2] An extensive genealogy of the Pienaar family in South Africa was compiled by ZJ (Sakkie) Pienaar, and privately published as "Die Pienaars in Suid-Afrika." An updated version of the Pienaar genealogy was compiled by Christo Viljoen, whose mother was née Pienaar, as the "Pienaar Familieregister" and published by the Huguenot Society of South Africa.[3]

Some of the descendants of the Pienaar progenitors include:

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