Pier-2 Art Center

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Pier-2 Art Center
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General information
TypeArt center
LocationYancheng, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Coordinates22°37′11.6″N 120°16′54.2″E / 22.619889°N 120.281722°E / 22.619889; 120.281722Coordinates: 22°37′11.6″N 120°16′54.2″E / 22.619889°N 120.281722°E / 22.619889; 120.281722

The Pier-2 Art Center (Chinese: 駁二藝術特區; pinyin: Bó Èr Yìshù Tèqū) is an art center in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[1]


The arts center was originally an abandoned warehouse site due to Kaohsiung's shift from industrial city to service city. The warehouses were built in 1973. Due to the persistence of local artists, the area was finally released and remade to be an arts center. In 2006, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government and under management of the Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Development Association and Shu-Te University's art development workshop[2] took over the center, starting a series of exhibitions.[3][4]


Dayi Warehouse
P2 Warehouse
Penglai Warehouse
  • Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway, located at Warehouse 7 and 8
  • Art Plaza
  • Bicycle Warehouse
  • C1+C2 Warehouse
  • C3 Warehouse
  • C5 Warehouse
  • Dayi Warehouse
  • Moonlight Theater
  • P2 Warehouse
  • Penglai Warehouse
  • Warehouse 9
  • West Coast Bike Path[5]


The center is accessible within walking distance South West from Yanchengpu Station of Kaohsiung MRT.[6] Since 2017, Dayi Pier-2 Station(駁二大義) and Penglai Pier-2 Station(駁二蓬萊) of Kaohsiung LRT pass through the Pier-2 Art Center.

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