Pier Antonio Bernabei

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Pier Antonio Bernabei

Pier Antonio Bernabei (1570–1630)[1] was an Italian painter also known as Della Casa.


Pier Antonio Bernabei, Crucifixion with Virgin and Saints, oil on canvas, 250 cm x 200 cm, Pinacoteca Stuard, Parma
Cupola Frescoes in Santa Maria del Quartiere.

A native of Parma, Pier Antonio Bernabei was a follower of the style of Correggio. Among his best-known works is a frescoed view of Paradise on the cupola of Santa Maria del Quartiere in Parma.[2] Another renowned fresco is the Assumption for a chapel at the church of San Martino at Traversetolo.[3] There are other works by this master at the Carmelites, and at other public places in Parma. His younger brothers, Francesco and Alessandro Bernabei were also painters.