Pier Matteo Petrucci

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His Eminence

Pier Matteo Petrucci
Cardinal-Priest of San Marcello
Pier Matteo Petrucci.jpg
ChurchCatholic Church
In office1687–1701
PredecessorFederico Baldeschi Colonna
SuccessorGianalberto Badoer
Consecration20 Apr 1681
by Alderano Cibo
Personal details
Born20 May 1636
Jesi, Italy
Died5 Jul 1701 (age 65)

Pier Matteo Petrucci, C.O. (1636–1701) was a Roman Catholic cardinal.


On 20 Apr 1681, he was consecrated bishop by Alderano Cibo, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati, with Giacomo Altoviti, Titular Patriarch of Antiochia, and Odoardo Cibo, Titular Archbishop of Seleucia in Isauria, serving as co-consecrators.[1]

Episcopal succession[edit]

While bishop, he was the principal consecrator of:[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Lorenzo Cibo
Bishop of Jesi
Succeeded by
Alessandro Fedele
Preceded by
Federico Baldeschi Colonna
Cardinal-Priest of San Marcello
Succeeded by
Gianalberto Badoer