Piercing (novel)

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The Book's Cover
Author Ryu Murakami
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Psychological thriller
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication date
7 January 2008
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 192 pp
ISBN 978-0-7475-9313-3
OCLC 173239023
Preceded by The World in Five Minutes From Now 1995
Followed by Kyoko 1995

Piercing is a novel by Ryu Murakami. Originally published in Japanese in 1994, it was translated and published in English by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2008.


Piercing is set in Tokyo and follows Kawashima Masayuki trying to come to terms with his overwhelming desire to stab his infant child with an ice pick. He resolves to divert the impulse into an unsuspecting prostitute. However, as he begins to execute his meticulous crime everything, including his past, begins to unravel.

Critical reception[edit]

"...a haunting Japanese version of a David Lynch nightmare"[1] - Chris Petit, Guardian Book Review.

"Far from being a cheap gorefest, ‘Piercing’ handles its violence with controlled aplomb, making it seem a natural by-product of Tokyo’s economic dominance. The result is a brief and convincing narrative of a crime and its motivations. With simple language and vividly evoked images, the novel looks at a single moment of horror from every angle."[2] - Ed King, Time Out Book Review.


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