Pierfrancesco the Elder

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Pierfrancesco the Elder
Adorazione dei magi, filippino lippi detail.jpg
Adoration of the Magi (Filippino Lippi). Detail with Pierfrancesco de' Medici the Elder and his son Giovanni il Popolano
Born 1430
Florence, Republic of Florence
Died 19 July 1476 (aged 46)
Florence, Republic of Florence
Noble family Medici
Spouse(s) Laudomia di Agnolo Acciaioli
Father Lorenzo the Elder
Mother Ginevra Cavalcanti

Pierfrancesco de' Medici the Elder (1430 – 19 July 1476) was an Italian banker and diplomat, a member of the House of Medici of Florence.


Born in Florence, he was the son of Lorenzo the Elder and Ginevra Cavalcanti, and thus nephew of Cosimo de' Medici and cousin to Piero the Gouty, de facto lords of the city from 1459.

Pierfrancesco was orphaned in 1440, and was raised by his uncle. He served the Republic of Florence as ambassador (to the Pope in 1458 and to Mantua in 1463) and as Priore delle Arti (1459). After Cosimo's death (1464), Pierfrancesco was initially a supporter of Piero, but later sided against him, being amongst the conspirators who participated in Luca Pitti's failed coup in 1466. Forgiven by Piero, he thenceforth took care of the family bank.

From his marriage with Laudomia di Agnolo Acciaioli he had two sons: Lorenzo (1463–1503) and Giovanni (1467–1498), who were later fierce opponents of Cosimo's line of the Medici.

Pierfrancesco died in 1476. His sons were adopted by their cousin Lorenzo il Magnifico.